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Tag: homeopathy treatment

Vitiligo & Stress

Vitiligo & Stress

Vitiligo is not a skin condition but rather a troublesome and chronic disease of the immune system. It's not known to be fatal. But it can cause physiological and psychological stress leading to disturbances of moods and behaviour in an otherwise healthy individual. Most of the people who have vitiligo are distressed that their skin…

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Is homeopathy safe?

Is Homeopathy Safe?

Are you wondering, “Is homeopathy safe?” Well, you obviously can’t disregard the increasingly deliberate and speculative media about homeopathy’s safety. Even those experienced in homeopathy, either as patients or those having treated themselves and their families, often for generations, will not be discouraged. Are you uninformed or on the hedge about homeopathy? A couple of years…

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Say goodbye to hair fall problems this rainy season with homeopathy

Say Goodbye To Hair Fall Problems This Rainy Season With Homeopathy

The rainy season is one of the most spectacular seasons where the world looks much greener and fresh, but it comes with its own set of problems. The higher humidity and moisture levels are not suitable for your hair. These can contribute to many hair fall problems(बालों के झड़ने की समस्या). During the rainy season,…

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